Fresh Produce, Picked to Order

Thornleigh Farm offers the freshest of fruits, vegetables and eggs to guests and residents on Lord Howe Island.

Our food is grown in pristine island soil, free of chemicals, pollution, and industrial-scale production methods. All food is harvested by hand and is most often available for pickup less than 24 hours after leaving the ground.

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Over a Century of History

Thornleigh is a heritage farm nestled at the heart of Lord Howe Island, an oasis of natural beauty in the Pacific Ocean.

Founded over one hundred and forty years ago and comprising fields, farmland, forest, boat-sheds, slipway, guest-house, and family residence, Thornleigh is presently being restored to its original aesthetic and productive state.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is a volcanic remnant that rises from the Pacific Ocean off the east coast of Australia. The island is tiny – Only fifteen kilometers (six miles) square, and home to approximately 350 people.

Recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site by virtue of ‘exceptional diversity of spectacular and scenic landscapes,’ and rich flora and fauna comprising an ‘outstanding example of independent evolutionary processes,’ Lord Howe Island is a truly unique and superlative natural wonder.