Lord Howe Island Internet Access

Public WiFi on Lagoon Beach

There is no cell service on Lord Howe Island, and internet connections are made by satellite links.

Pro Dive Lord Howe Island and Thornleigh Farm have teamed up to deliver internet access on Lagoon Beach.

Grab a 1GB Data Pack ($10) and use the internet anywhere from the Far Rocks to the Aquatic Club, on a network covering over 48,000 square metres.

To get connected, head down to Lagoon Beach and join the 'Public Internet' Wifi network.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Thornleigh Farm

Fresh food grown on Lord Howe Island

Thornleigh is a heritage farm founded over 120 years ago. It serves naturally grown fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, and other food to island residents and guests.

Order online for next-day pickup at

Pro Dive

Diving, snorkeling, and equipment hire

Pro Dive offers dives all over the island, from the sheltered waters of the lagoon to the undiscovered depths of Balls Pyramid.

Whether you have never used SCUBA gear before, or are a seasoned diver, Pro Dive has you covered. Expert divemasters, high-quality equipment, and a purpose built dive-boat await you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How this techno-whatsit works

How much does it cost?

$10 per gigabyte.

Do I need to create an account?

No. All you need is a credit or debit card.

Who is selling this internet?

Thornleigh Farm: a 120 year old family farm that grows yummy things on Lord Howe Island!

... A farm selling internet?

Err, we're nerdy farmers.

Everything has gone to hell. How do I contact you guys?

Email We are a tiny business, and can't maintain in-person or phone support.

How do I connect?

Join the 'Public Internet' WiFi network on the device you want to connect. Then, try to browse the internet. You'll be prompted to connect.

Where can I connect?

The Thornleigh Farm network extends about two-thirds of the way along Lagoon Beach, from the Far Rocks to the Aquatic Club. You will get the best signal if you are near the Pro Dive boatshed, on the north end of the beach, or the Thornleigh Farm boatshed, which is about 350 metres south of ProDive.

How do I monitor my usage?

Visit while connected to the 'Public Internet' WiFi network.

Can I move my data to another device?

No. Data purchased is locked to the device it is purchased on. You can refund data on one device, and then purchase again on another.

What if the connection craps out?

Sometimes, due to weather or magical cosmic space stuff, the satellite connection can go AWOL. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you can refund your unused data anytime before it expires (A minimum charge $0.50 applies).

If you notice the connection drop, we recommend waiting an hour or so for it to come back up.

Is the connection fast?

Because signals travel so far into space, satellite internet will always feel a little sluggish. The speed of light, at which your requests fly, is pretty slow in the context of the distances involved! This is called a 'high latency' connection.

In terms of bandwidth, you can expect speeds of around 4mbit/s down, and 0.5mbit/s up. We are investing in additional capacity to offer faster speeds in future.

Where does this internet come from?

Space! Signals from your device are beamed 35,000km into space. For context, the International Space Station orbits at an altitude of 450km.

From that heady height, the signals are beamed back down to big antennae on mainland Australia, from which they are forwarded to their ultimate destination.